Soulution 711 Stereo Power Amplifier

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The new “switched mode” power supply technology brings the Soulution 711 to new level of per­formance. Improve­ments on the test bench get confirmed by the performance in the listening room. Words alone cannot convey the per­for­mance and sheer acoustic presence of the Soulution 711 stereo­ amplifier. We’ve combined the ultimate technical specification and highest possible performance with just one aim – to liberate the best the music has to offer. Listen like never before. Marvel. Enjoy. Without limits.
The ideal amplifier is perfectly load stable, 100% level and phase accurate, and has no long signal paths. It should not use tricks like over amplification and very high negative feedback to achieve good results in the lab but poor sonic per­for­mance in the listening room. The Soulution 711 stereo­ amplifier combines extreme speed with an ultra-wide band­width (1 MHz/– 3 dB) and a high current capability far beyond that of valves and output trans­formers. A unique and sophisticated circuit design opens up sonic qualities once considered incompatible: Precision, Velocity, Stability and Power. In the Soulution 711 they are brought together for the first time – all in the pursuit of musical perfection.
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Marque: Soulution
Type: Amplis / Préamplis
Annonce créée 21 nov. 2022

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