Genelec G-Five active speakers

Pair of Genelec G-Five Plug and Play Active Aluminum Speakers, year 2020, black, like new and complete with packaging, manuals and iso-pod base table stand

For those who don't know them, they are the top of the range of Genelec model G Five, the G series of active speakers is dedicated to hi-fi and pure listening.

Solutions such as the aluminum cabinet and rounded lines designed by Harri Koskinen to minimize reflections, the Genelec G-Five are equipped with double amplification, 150W for the Basses and 120W for the Trebles in class A/B, active crossover optimized for the 205 mm woofer drivers. and 19mm tweeters.

Furthermore, a wide adjustment behind the loudspeaker, making the loudspeakers able to better adapt to the listening environment, even the most demanding ones, all of which make them a best buy!

Price list 4000 euros

Genelec's G Five active loudspeakers are made entirely of aluminium, have compact dimensions but surprisingly dynamic performance with very low distortion, they have been designed to guarantee listeners even the most subtle nuances without removing or adding anything to the original sound. Genelecs are produced in Lisalmi, Finland.

Marque: Genelec
Année: 2020
Type: Tuners
Annonce créée 18 jan. 2023

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