Musical fidelity ams 50

Musical fidelity ams 50
2x50w at 8 ohms
2x100w at 4ohm pure class a
In very good used condition
From large high end test
The ams50 power amplifier of musical fidelity
Exceeded what I thought a solid state amplifier could.
Provide in its ability to heat, natural timbres,
Color density, holographic.
Imaging and smooth namelessness
Provide across the entire frequency spectrum.
It has all sonic virtues of pure class A amplification
And combined what brings a great top tube amp to the music
With transparency / detail.
But then the control of solid state
So beautifully built, with plenty of heat sink
Total therefore has no overheating.
And therefore plays lifelong
Also rarely offered
50b 35h 45 d 60kg
With org box

Année: 2009
Type: Amplis / Préamplis
Annonce créée 8 jan. 2020

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il y a 2 jours

Still for sale now?


il y a 2 jours

Hi No sold

Greatings Wim

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